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Able to get Mitigation after recovering from depression/anxiety etc..?

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    Hi there

    I am currently in the process of applying to re-do my entire 2nd year (which was a resit in itself), I have been told by a student adviser that this is possible if I can get a mitigating circumstances approval, possibly needing a doctors note.

    I have a few questions regarding this if anyone knows...

    I was suffering from depression and anxiety for about 18 months or so, but in the past 2 weeks I have improved drastically (mainly due to qigong/energy work, and traditional chinese medicine, combined with other meditation, breathing techniques, and just going out into nice parts of nature). I have been more productive and focused in the past 7 days than I have in the last year before that combined.

    So, for instance will I be able to get a doctors note for a condition that has already improved substantially? (I never spoke to anyone about my issues or went to the doctor etc...), and will the University be ok with this, considering the mental illness has had its affect on my previous work, and I am wanting to restart the year in order to give it my best shot with my full potential/mental faculties.

    If anyone has any knowledge in this area I would be incredibly grateful for your insight.

    Many thanks, take care!

    If you've not been receiving help from your GP, you're going to struggle. Student finance need proof that your depression (not just that you had depression) has affected your ability to study.

    I think the problem you have here is that you never spoke to anyone about this and were never diagnosed with depression and anxiety - there is no trail or "evidence" of the issue at all. I guess it depends on your GP and what they think - my GP surgery has a sign up saying they will not provide evidence of illness if the student did not see a doctor at the time of illness.... i.e you can't go in and be like "I was ill for the last year, I didnt tell you about it but can you provide evidence that I was?" Do you see what I mean? They can't say you were diagnosed, as you weren't. They can't say you sought treatment, because officially you didn't. They can't say anything really except "Person x came to see me and told me that xyz".

    Like I said, it is up to your GP whether they are willing or able to do this. You will have to ask. I retook a year due to mental health but I had a trail of evidence from professionals both within the university and the NHS.
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    Hmm yeah that is one thing I was worried about.. the thing is I don't have any faith in the Western medicine approach (pharmaceutical drug industry, which profits off of people being chronically ill). So I would never go to a doctor to help solve any of my issues, for instance I have not had even a cold for about 8+ years now (24 years old), I do not take even aspirin or paracetamol etc...

    It is a bit of a flawed system if you are required to have seen a doctor during your problems, where as many people who have issues keep them pent up inside without mentioning anything to anyone, the only reason I came out with mine is because I feel like I have overcome many of them, and now have the confidence and do not feel ashamed to speak of them, yet if I was still fully suffering I would not mentioned it to anyone... bit of a screwed system...

    I don't see how it's screwed. Else you're going to have people claiming they have depression when the truth is, there was nothing wrong and they just couldn't be bothered with their work.

    Not all GPs are quick to hand out medication and you can refuse.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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