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In love with a guy I met on-line

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    (Original post by Bekkiblu)
    He is certainly a man. I havr spoken to him. We speak every night via phone call as well as txt. I've never wanted to Skype as I'm incredibly shy after years of bullying. To the point where i got stabbed earlier this year by my best friend, yeah its going to court.

    My boyfriend helped me loads throughout when i was in hospital.

    Whats with the age difference? Age is just a number. I don't want kids so thats not an issue.

    Just reading that Oxford doesn't like students taking gap year students is this true?
    I would suggest you engage with the obvious questions and issues surrounding this guy rather than ignoring them and planning a gap year.

    I mean seriously, you plan to be a young women alone in a foreign country having traveled there to meet a complete stranger who could do absolutely anything to you.

    There is a reason why you meet people from the internet in public, neutral territory for safety.

    I get it, I've been there (as have several others who've commented), I've planned to travel to the USA to spend the summer with some girl of my dreams. Thankfully in the end my siblings asked me if I was high and pointed out how it was generally a terrible idea and with the benefit of hindsight I can clearly see that it was correct.

    I strongly suggest you seek the answer to some basic questions such as how he knows your sister, have they ever met in person, skype with him to try and check he's actually what he says he is (being a man doesn't mean he is that man).

    Has your sister ever been to Mexico? Does she frequently associate with 40something lecturers in other countries?

    Don't take a gap year, if he's actually coming to Cambridge, he'll take some time out to see you.
    Although, like I said I advise you against this 'relationship'. Cut your losses and end it here, we're not being mean to you, we've been burned ourselves and are trying help.

    Didn't your parents tell you the internet is full of strangers and you should never ever meet up with them?

    (Original post by Elivercury)
    Of course, meeting in person offers no guarantees. If a person is going to lie and try to deceive you then they'll do it regardless of the medium. However if things are purely online you tend to lie to yourself, which can be even worse as they've done nothing wrong.
    Lying to yourself takes place in both mediums. It's just that when you've met someone in person you know a) they're not completely fugly and b) they have an approximate understanding of where you live. The substantive issues of character are not addressed by either.

    All I see is red flag after red flag. Look out for yourself and ask the right questions. Ask to Skype or something, at least. Don't put your life on hold for someone you've never met. You say you love him now but the story could be a hell of a lot different when you eventually meet. He could even still be a catfish. Just because you've heard him talking, it does't mean he isn't. I'm gonna guess your sister isn't his age either, so he kinda seems to have a type in younger girls. Look after yourself first, before anything.

    (Original post by Bekkiblu)
    I'm madly in love with a guy i met on-line. He is friends with my sister, she introduced me to him We text everyday and i call him or he calls me nearly everyday.

    He lives in Mexico so we've never met, he tells me that he is planning to come to a teaching job in Cambridge, i want to believe him, but part or me doesn't. He is older than me but i don't care, i want to be with him. I've considered taking a gap year before uni to go to him.

    I don't know what to do he is the first person i've ever loved.
    Have you not seen catfish ?
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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