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Warwick nightlife

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    I'm hoping to apply to warwick university to study history and was wondering what the nightlife was like - as i have heard from many people that its not great but i want to know the extent of it, whether i will really miss out and whether it matters or not?

    It's okay. To be honest the variety is limited, especially in comparison with the big cities like Bristol, Manchester and London. But there's enough. Coming from someone who loves to go out, even often a couple of times a week in my third year, there's enough for it not to be an issue.

    In terms of clubbing, you have Kasbah in Coventry which is awesome, the main room has mainstream chart music but they also have an alternative (rock) room and a funk/house room. You also have Smack and Neon in Leamington which are essentially mainstream, normal size clubs. Also in Leamington is the Assemply & Zephyr Lounge which host a load of more varied, underground, and often student-run nights. Then on campus you've got the Copper Rooms which hosts a few nights a week.

    There's also quite a few bars and pubs in Leamington Spa; Kelseys, Moo Bar and Duke are particularly popular.

    I've been out with mates from other unis in Oxford, London and Southampton, and while I get the impression that there's more of a variety in those places, particularly in terms of the live music scene which is really lacking in Warwick, there's been enough to keep me entertained for 3 years. And there's always Birmingham a 30 minute train ride away, which always has a lot going on.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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