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22 and never had a job...

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    I know, I know. It's awful and I have only myself to blame. It started out when I was in my teens and found myself not needing extra spending money like some friends did so I didn't bother getting a part time job.

    Next week I'll be leaving a top 10 uni with a 2:2 masters in physics and still have never had a job. I feel very depressed about my situation and would appreciate some advice on what to do. I've only ever had short work experience placements and the last time I did anything productive career-wise was 2013 when I did a short work experience placement for a local electricals company. I've been really struggling with personal issues and a severe lack of motivation in the last few years, hence why I didn't push on career-wise like I intended to do after that placement and why I'll be leaving uni with a 2:2 and not a 2:1.

    I just need to know where to start and what my best options are. I see it as virtually pointless in applying for a part time job as no one will want to hire someone like me. Is voluntary work the best bet? What sort of places would take me on that would offer the best type of actual work experience? Would any medium to big companies take me on a voluntary basis?

    Thanks for any advice

    1. Find jobs you would like to do.
    2. Apply for them

    That is what you do. The rest is all just self pity to be honest. You don't need to necessarily apply for a top graduate scheme, you can just apply for "normal" jobs. The best thing you can do is do something.

    Good luck.

    Just apply for stuff and focus on having a good application form. There's no reason not to apply to grad schemes etc (ones that accept 2.2s) and general jobs. If you struggle to get one then try and volunteer, but give it a go first, employers will always prefer someone with experience but people without work experience do find jobs so it's worth trying.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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