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What subjects are best?

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    Hi, I've finished igcses with a projected 9 A* and 3A so I will have to see what I get at results day!!! But I need to choose my IB subjects. I am really interested in history so I am considering HL history, English, spanish and SL maths, chemistry, Classical Greek and Roman studies. However I kind of want to do economics too, and wonder when classics is acctually worth it? Advice please!!!! (Also is higher history hard)

    HL history is without a doubt one of the hardest courses to get a 7 in. This is in part due to the insane amount of information to memorize, but also the highly subjective essays you need to write, several of which must be written in an hour in the exam.
    However, if you really enjoy history, this burden becomes much easier to bear, so I suggest you do take it at HL, and simply let your enthusiasm lead the way.
    I took economics HL and it was one of my favourite courses, so I recommend you take it if you want to do a humanities based subject in university. I also believe that it's regarded more highly than classics, but again, it depends on what you wish to study.
    If you're thinking of applying for a history degree, then history HL will be sufficient for almost any university, and classics won't necessarily advantage you (particularly as most Unis look at your HL combination more than your SL)
    I suggest you decide what direction you want to take at uni, which can help you shape your IB choices and make sure you're happy with your combination!
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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