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Should I quit Architecture after 2 years and start Business School

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    I'm 20 years old. I have just finished 2nd year in Architecture, however I'm thinking Architecture isn't for me and wish to pursue a career in the financial industry - with one of the graduate schemes. I have three options. I have one month to make a decision and I could really do with some help. I have spent the entire day flipping a coin... Yes it's come to that. I have three options.

    1. Finish the next two years and graduate with a BSc Hons in Architecture. My main concern with this option is although I would have a degree, it's whether or not a graduate scheme such as JP Morgan or PWC would accept me on to their graduate programmes with such an irrelevant degree.

    2. Cut my losses now from Architecture and start a BA from the Business School. The only problem with this is that I would be starting from year 1 and its a 4 year course which would mean graduating when I'm 24...

    3. I could finish my Architecture BSc Hons and then try and do a MSc in Finance, however it's not certain I would be accepted as Architecture is not seen as a numerically based subject in the same way that engineering is.

    Next year I am eligible for the 3rd exchange programme through Erasmus which would obviously be a great opportunity but would mean continuing with Architecture, so that makes the decision slightly more difficult.

    Need some advice. Thanks

    Why would you want to work for JPM or PWC? The only people I know who work for them do so because they did a non-vocational degree and just wanted to sell their souls to make money doing something pretty boring. Why would you choose that as a career path at such an early age? I think you would struggle to get onto the graduate scheme as well if you don't finish your degree, they only take the best. You may as well finish your architecture degree, assuming you can get at least a 2.1, ideally a first, then reassess your options at that later stage.
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