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What did you do for your 20th Birthday?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    Totally forgot one of the best ones:
    Horse racing (depending on your views on how the horses are treated and gambling obviously).
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    (Original post by Blackmanblues)
    You ain't getting much ideas here bud :banghead:
    Haha, the majority of replies seem to be 'do nothing' or 'get wasted' :lol:

    I went Thrope Park Theme Park in the morning with a group of friends, that was well fun and then the plan for the night was to go clubbing as i booked a table, but turns out u shouldnt trust promoters giving free tables as they can turn u away at the door if in your friend group there isnt like 3 times the much of girls than guys.

    Most clubs were closed so it ended with my friends singing me happy birthday in the tube and throwing me a mini suprise party the next day to make up for what happened at night.
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    (Original post by calm down)
    Thanks! Happy birthday too you too!
    Not yet but I feel like hiring somewhere out- prefebly somewhere outside with a marquee or something and inviting all family and friends. My family and friends have always regarded 21 as an important birthday for some reason and I set high expectations after having a big 18th birthday celebration.
    Do you have any plans for yours yet? If your into football maybe interlink that somehow, if not the conjuring 2 is a good film!
    (Original post by calm down)
    Here a list, seeing as well there's it been one made yet for 20th birthdays.
    Ideas from previous, and friends, birthdays:
    Birthday meal with friends, although a common celebration, going somewhere unorthodox can provide a memorable experience.
    Beer garden on a sunny day with friends /family: bring some party games and let different groups of people in our life enjoy each other's company.
    A themed BBQ with friends.
    Cinema, again, cliche, but there's enough good films out at the minute.
    A gig.
    A safari park/zoo- not actually that expensive and great fun (they're not just for kids).
    A theme park- depending on what's near you.
    Something in your local city- lots of cities have escape rooms now which are an interesting concept. A city not too far from me has a video game museum where you can play on a ton of different systems and games.

    Hope this list helps somewhat.
    I admire and thank you your ideas!

    Will definitely take them into considersation


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    all day!

    *sleep all day and party all night*

    Do Something CRAZY

    Like DRUGS!
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    Very bold opinions..
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