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I'm a Weirdo

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    (Original post by SunnysideSea)
    Man I love Radiohead. Getting the new album for finishing my last exam I feel like all the other music I listened to before I discovered them was just preparation, like building up to it. Maybe that's just me though
    Yeah I sort of feel a bit like that. I don't think anything I listen to will ever come close to Radiohead's standard and absolute genius. Thom Yorke is an abolaute legend- his voice is like an angels and Greenwood is savage on the guitar!! Their music makes me feel something I don't get with other music. I like the weirdness of their music and the fact it's different from other rock styles. Cool! I have listened to the new album and I think it's great. Better than the king of limbs but it doesn't beat their early albums. Nothing can ever beat OK computer I don't think. But the new album is great- I especially like burn the witch and identikit.
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    (Original post by niv1234)
    I would say most people are weird in one way r another and that the people who aren't are just boring. Its perfectly fine unless you mean weird in a twisted evil way which you probably didn't.
    No I didn't mean it in that way haha. I agree- weird is fun, normal is just boring.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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