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Please vote remain!

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    (Original post by alevelstresss)
    An absurdly one-dimensional view of an extraordinarily complex problem. Its depressing that democracy allows people like you to vote.
    Also, I am voting remain because I am a believer in globalism and I believe that our position in the European Union is not only beneficial to our economy, but will help speed up the process of improvement of poorer European countries like Poland and Romania, increasing their GDP and their education indexes, and thus bringing them to prosperity. International unions are one of the few processes that are capable of transforming countries on a large scale.
    I understand how economically important it is to be a part of the single market, and strongly believe in the co-operation of nations to set trade laws and regulations that help ensure a high quality market.

    I also like shiny objects in the sky.

    (Original post by illegaltobepoor)
    Well so far none of you have managed to engage with my argument about the fact that the experts of the remain camp have engineered a imminent western economic collapse though the use of quantitative easing monetary policy.

    They have replicated the same kind of QE policy which started in JAPAN to the USA and now its all over EUROPE.

    QE1,2,3 to INFINITY & BEYOND!

    These experts are mainly Paul Krugman and Mark Carney. But I'll add in a few more. Every Fed Chairman since Alan Greenspan and the whole ECB & Bank of Japan.

    None of you have replied to me about this. You all dance round it or wash it off at conspiracy theory.

    I've given proof to prove that the QE money in the american stock market has made all US companies stocks reliant upon it.

    Source: 12 min mark on video.

    I've also given proof that there has been a indicator crossed which proves the American economy is coming into recession.


    And I've also proved that the European Central Bank is expanding is QE program


    I dare you to try and argue that I am wrong.

    We must leave the EU or else we will be drawn into closer fiscal & political union which means our central bank will either cease to exist or it will be forced to start printing huge amounts of money to prop up the failing inflated stock markets.
    i would reply but it's too late. Congratulations.

    (Original post by 99_Problems)
    i would reply but it's too late. Congratulations.
    Don't be to sure. The Government is going to scream recount.

    (Original post by illegaltobepoor)
    Don't be to sure. The Government is going to scream recount.
    If they wish to salvage their careers they would do well not to make much a fuss. I voted and was passionate for remain but the people have spoken. To scream recount desperately would be very undignified.

    Cameron is resigning in October, wtf

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Updated: June 24, 2016
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