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Advice needed for next year!

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    Hey there, my name is Jessica. I'm currently in Year 10 and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice, on how to be prepared for the GCSE exams - as I am already worried for them! I take the compulsory subjects of Maths, English and Science. Then for options, I decided to take Business Studies, Computer Science, Geography, Art and History!

    Thank you!

    (Original post by J116)
    Hey there, my name is Jessica. I'm currently in Year 10 and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice, on how to be prepared for the GCSE exams - as I am already worried for them!

    Thank you!
    Don't worry for the exam, make sure you don't start revising too early. I started revising too late and ended up doing a lot of "night before" cramming. I would recommend starting slow and gentle revision around April time. That is if you have understood all of the topics you have done so far. Also make sure you pay attention in lessons and get your head down for the last year. Have fun however, it is your last years and GCSE's arent as hard as people make them out to be. Im sure you will be prepared and ace them.

    Good luck!

    (Original post by J116)
    Hey there, my name is Jessica. I'm currently in Year 10 and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice, on how to be prepared for the GCSE exams - as I am already worried for them!

    Thank you!
    Haha, just be prepared to do last minute revision. No matter how well you aim to be prepared the reality is everyone ends up revising last minute, what worked for me however was having notes set up for ALL subjects before exams so i could just reread them. Also try to understand stuff way before exams e.g. processes such as homeostasis in biology or electromagnetism, which means taking mocks and End of unit tests seriosuly. Anwyas, these are just my experiences so ofc they will vary, but that''s the best advice is can give.

    Don't set unrealistic goals "oh i'll revise in January" because you won't. Pick a suitable time. My first exam was May 19th. I started March 30th. The important thing here is to use your time carefully and always revise as if though your exam is next week. You can revise an hour every day but the exam comes so quick that you'll be like "I know I could have got 4 pages done in that hour instead of 2 if I didn't twiddle my thumbs about" think about being EFFICIENT.

    Also. One thing I failed to do was fix my sleep. My revision was heavily affected because when I wasn't on study leave I went to sleep 12-1am and was so tired after school. Fix your pattern now so you're energised even after school. This improves motivation and efficiency.

    source- average student who will most likely get 6As, 3bs. But one thing I learned about my GCSES. The one who spends the most time revising gets the highest mark. It's not about "how smart you are", they lied to you.

    Do not make a long term time table. In short they do not work. One thing you have to know is that GCSE's are not the world and there are more important things in your life. What I would say is start slow and have a reasonable regular pattern for each week say one past paper of maths if that's what you need to work on. Other wise just do all homework which is set and only do half an hour a day until you are close (a month away)then go full blast on everything. Despite how schools say start early all the time and moan about that just know that they have vested interests in your grades so they will disregard everything about your lifestyle. Its all about finding a balance and make something that works for YOU not anybody else. Hope that helped

    GCSEs honestly aren't as hard as they're made out to be - don't worry for them. Just start revising in March time with just say 1 hour - 2 hours per day. These people who do like 6 hours a day seem to think it will help them but I personally find that this will just overload your brain and make you exhausted an confused, negatively impacting on your productivity. Also, save your past papers until after you've revised the content, this way you can see if you've revised effectively and get a good prediction of how you'll perform. For now though, enjoy this summer.

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