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Should I vote in or out?

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    Tell me which and why.

    If you think that the UK should be at victim to an extremely large amount of regulations then vote IN
    If you think that the UK should have it's universities, museums etc, being bought out by the EU then vote IN
    If you think that the UK should be fined and punished for trying to have border controls then vote IN
    If you think that Europe should accept the EU as a growing, fascist like tumor with total control then vote IN
    If you think that the countries destroyed by the EU were acceptable losses then vote IN

    Don't let misinformed teenagers tell you how to vote. Do your own research mate.

    Vote out if you want our country to take back control of our laws, stop paying EU £350 million every week, reduce tax charges and regain control of our borders.

    We will be fine after leaving because:


    OUT!!! http://www.voteleavetakecontrol.org/our_case

    There are several arguments for why you should vote to Leave tomorrow, but I believe that you should bear one thing in mind above all else.

    The real power that resides in the EU and which decides much of our day to day government here in the UK has not been elected by the British people and is not accountable to them. The MEPs we elect every few years do not have the power to create or even amend legislation; their only power is the power to vote on what faceless bureaucrats have put before them.

    It is completely unacceptable in 21st century Britain that we have unelected officials conducting our day to day government in another country and without being held to account.

    The EU has a reputation for socialism and 'pinko-liberalism', but do not make the mistake of overlooking the sinisterness of the current arrangement nor of being complacent about the importance of your fundamental democratic rights. The heart and cornerstone of any liberal democracy is that the people who make the laws of a country are elected by that country and can be held to account by its people.

    These are sentiments you may have been led to associate with the Right, so in the interest of the centre-left case for Brexit I invite you to heed the words of the great late Tony Benn in the image and videos below. Best of luck for tomorrow.




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Updated: June 23, 2016
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