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Switching from American system to IB (grade 11) general questions

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    So I just finished grade 10 in an American system, I had it for two years. From grade 11 I'm switching onto IB and I have several questions. So I heard about CAS, we had community service at our school and for grade 9 and 10 together I received 45 hours. Will they count as part of the 150? Second questions is what is exactly TOK, I know what it stands for but I'm kind of confused? And last is about my subjects. Please tell me what they are like and what to expect and if I seem prepared?

    English HL (I like reading a lot and we had a lot of analysis essays at my school)Psychology HL (Kind of excited tbh but not sure what to expect)
    History HL (I'm not looking forward to this at all, my mom signed me up for this one. Also in my school we mostly focused on the states... is that a big problem for this course since I don't have a lot of background info?)
    Biology SL (I wanted to take this in HL but ya... what is this subject like? Is it similar to regular bio in American schools or is it a lot more expanded? Cause that is what I'm looking for since I took biology in grade 10)
    Mathematical Studies SL (I'm really bad at math so the lady that we talked to said that it is best if I choose this one)
    Spanish SL (I'm kind of annoyed about this one cause I have to take it from the beginning and I took this several times so I will know all the basics and a little more (at my old school I was in Spanish 2 at the American system)...anyone else had something like that?)

    I wanted to take photography or film since I'm really interested in them but my school only offered visual arts and I suck at art, is this normal for IB schools to have this little options? Oh and what should I expect from this? What are the exams like? I heard that there are retakes and points? Oh and I'm totally up for the challenge, I enjoy learning and hope that this will help me learn more.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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