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This is the loneliest that I have ever felt in my life..

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    So, as the title reads, I am feeling very lonely. I am currently in sixth form doing my a levels and since the start of year 12, I have began to experience depression. Before the start of the year I had split off from one of my closest friends. He just stopped talking to me, acting as if I were a stranger to him whenever we bumped into each other. To this day, I still cannot pinpoint what went wrong, if anything. Including him, I only had 3 close friends at the time, so now it has decreased to two. These two friends are the total opposite of each other, one attends a private boarding school and is very clever, whilst one has not even achieved 5 A*-C gcse grades :/. I feel like my personality is a combination of the two, however, it used be very awkward when all three of us met up together, because of the clashing of personalities. This led to me meeting up with each friend separately to avoid any conflict etc. However, these meet ups have decreased significantly since we all went to different colleges, and I feel like no one really makes that much of an effort to contact me, for whatever reason. We've basically just drifted. At my new college, i have acquaintances, but no one that I can really call a 'true' friend. And you know what they always say, 'Feeling lonely amongst a group of people, is much worse that feeling lonely on your own'. It just disheartens me seeing peoples' snapchats of meeting up with friends, going on trips etc, whilst I am stuck at home finding comfort on TSR . I just feel like I am some sort of repellent. I have never been able to call anyone my true friend.not one. I am planning on going to university soon so do you think it will get better if I have another opportunity to make some friends? I am just sick and tired of feeling like this. I literally have no one to talk to about personal issues or simply just regular convos- not even my family, although that's another long story.

    Sixth form is a time i think when everyone is changing. I'm pretty lonely at sixth form too but be optimistic! There are so many different people at uni i'm sure you'll find loads of people especially if you're good at making acquaintances. You're great, everyone goes through a rough patch. Get into volunteering- you'll meet loads of new people. Go to the library and do activities with other people. You're an amazing individual and i'm sure those other friends are probably feeling the same. In the words of Alicia Keys- 'everything's going to be alright'.

    Don't worry, you'll make dozens of friends at university pretty much instantly. Some of these will end up being little more than acquaintances, others will be friends for life. Your 6th form probably has a couple of hundred people, the average university will have something like 10,000-20,000 people, so there is a lot more opportunity to socialise.

    Not to mention societies. Join a society and you pretty much instantly have 50-200 people with shared interests.

    So yeah, don't worry, things do get better

    Sixth form and definitely University are two turning points in your life both academically and socially. A lot of people start to stretch out, find their place in the world. At University you will find your life friends there, everybody told me this and I ignored them, I thought my school friends would be my 'life friends', but it just doesn't work out in the long run. However, at University you find people much more aligned to your life, have very similar interests, traits and personalities. You spend huge amounts of time with them, orders of magnitude more time than you ever did at high school or college, there you just saw them for 6 hours a day (if that) for 5 days a week (if that) and then you might plan to go out once every two weeks for a day. At University you live with your friends (8 weeks per term, 3 terms a year for me).

    Friends at college or school are friends made by geographical location as well, you find that if your friend moves away from where you live, you lose contact as they begin to start making new friends. Here at University, you already live far away and so you actually make efforts to see them and not lose contact with them. That's just my 2 cents anyway.

    The only advice I can give you is to really ingratiate yourself in the Uni experience. If possible live there.

    Listen, your only in sixth form so don't worry about it. I'm 19 with no friends at all ever and I travel to Uni every day on my own. The only advice I can give from my experience is to have confidence in your own abilities, stand up for yourself and make the most of your opportunities at Uni.

    Remember, it could always be worse. I wish you the very best of luck and would love to hear how you get on at Uni!

    Get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to talk to people and be friendly OP. Worst thing that will happen is you'll never see these people again, and it's much better to risk being ignored by 100 strangers to find the perfect friend(s) that will love and support you all the way, then to constantly be lonely. Good luck!
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    Thank you everyone
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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