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If we stay in what should we do?

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    (Original post by Fenice)
    How full of anger and venom you are. I've reported this post. I am not a xenophobe for wanting Britain to leave the EU.
    i can already feel your tears dropping because you know to expect a remain win

    Vote UKIP


    (Original post by Sebastian Bartlett)
    What changes do people want? How will we go about it?

    If we are forced to stay in then we might as well try to get changes even I admit that (i just don't think any changes will be possible).
    Im going to do nothing but accept the fact that we have given our laws away, £350 million a week, border control, etc.

    I will also accept the fact that our country will continue to be controlled, conned and scammed by horrible elite bankers, politicians in EU and elite people.

    Nothing we can do except continue living our lives mate.

    If we stay in, then UKIP could grow and other far-right parties, maybe be the new opposition in 2020. Especially if it's 49% leave and 51% stay (or something similar), there could be a rapid growth in far-right parties in the UK. Britain First and BNP are on the rise, I have no doubts about this yet, it seems imminent.

    (Original post by Fenice)
    We are not alone in wanting EU reform. Poland, the Czech Republic and Denmark are also sick of the status quo. Yet I have yet to hear about any kind of serious international lobby style action between these countries, not to mention large portions of other countries. I may be wrong. If I am not then surely these parties should combine to effect changes.
    There are probably way more countries that are unhappy with the EU.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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