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Kurds likely to win Syrian war while Assad regime suffers major losses to ISIS

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    The Kurds are almost set to seize Manbij a major Daesh stronghold in Syria but if successful it could take several months possibly October before the city is fully liberated then the assault on Raqqa can begin.

    However that will be much harder as the Syrian Army is struggling against ISIS and has been defeated in its attempt to seize Tabbqa which needs to fall before an assault on Raqqa.

    Only a few days ago the Assad regime was set to liberate Tabbqa and cut off the road to ISIS capital Raqqa but the Daesh launched a massive counter offensive driving the Assad troops over 100 miles whilst seizing vast amounts of regime territory.

    Several other attacks by Daesh against Palmyra and the outskirts of Damascus have also occurred simultaneously. The Assad regime is no doubt war weary after 5 years of war. The regime is close to falling as Russian help is failing to stop the advance of Daesh.

    The end result could be a Syria divided between the Kurds and Islamic state, possibly with a fierce battle for control of Latakia naval base. The biggest danger is if Daesh take Latakia.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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