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Stuck in a big rut- got my degree results

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    Hello everyone, today I went into my department and got my provisional results and my day just got totally abysmal.

    Whilst literally everyone is cheering around with their 2.1 and 1sts on campus and Facebook/Twitter, I have to retake two modules to even graduate with an honours (sometime between 22nd to 26th august) and the best possible result I could get is a 2.2 if I pass. If I ignore this and don't retake then I am not even issued an honours degree due to coming up short on credits. I feel so soul-destroyed and depressed right now its not even funny. No one but me and my department knows about my results.

    Also, I had to cancel my graduation gown hire because of this. No matter what, I cannot graduate this July, but if I pass my resits then I am eligible to graduate in December or next July (need to check this).

    What would you do in my situation and how would I go about telling my parents about this situation? What should I say if a friend asks about my results?

    By the way, I think I should be able to get it, but what I'm worried about is how the 2.2 in mathematics would affect my career and what I should do for the next academic year. I'm unsure which to go into at the moment but I've been applying to places where a 2.1 isn't required.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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