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Netherlands France Italy to hold referendums to leave the EU

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    The EU is sinking
    BREAKING NEWS: Holland announce they intend to table a motion in their Parliament to have a referendum to leave the EU if Brexit wins. They intend to do this the very next day. The president of Holland has also stated that Denmark, France and Sweden are looking to follow ... interesting timing. The whole rotten edifice is coming apart, so where is the security in the EU now? Please let everyone know ... we may now finally get a Common Market instead of USE if we leave. There are now countries waiting for us to leave ....Be strong, be European and leave the EU.

    Says who?

    Edit: I see you've edited your original post. But still, where's the proof? Link? They've all mentioned it, sure, but where have they said they're going ahead?

    The Times today has an article about referendums in other EU countries but they were more framed as maybe events, more predicated on the results of their own next "general elections" and the eurosceptic parties taking control thereafter, so I would not view them as givens ,more possibilities. One can see potential for dissent, the youth vote in some countries may eventually consider that a lack of jobs and stagnant growth has continued too long.

    There would be a fantastic irony if the UK votes remain and in a few years France votes leave, but despite a reported > 60% of their electorate disliking the EU I am not convinced;, probably 80% of the UK dislike the EU but a large number will bury their misgivings and vote remain, I suspect in France this grumble but accept attitude will prevail at least for a few more years.

    However if we get to 2026 and Europe's economies have not made progress then who knows?
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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