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Should i do A levels or continue my BTEC(health and social care) for a child's nursi

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    Hi.Hopefully, i am posting this in the right place, but, if not, please could someone shift this to the right place.Basically, i am an 18-year-old female at college doing the 90 credit diploma BTEC in Health and social care in the hope of becoming a pediatric nurse. However, i feel like i have made the wrong choice and no longer have the interest to continue next year to start the Extended diploma. My decision to do the BTEC where based on my GCSE'S(4 C grades and two level 2 BTEC'S) and influences from people around me. I feel like i should have done A levels (sociology, religious studies and health and social care) at sixthform when i had the chance because most universities acknowledge/ accept them rather than the BTEC in health and social care. Also, my teachers who are teaching me the BTEC are pretty rubbish and my class as a whole are soooo slow so, sometimes we don't get to cover the distinction criterias before the deadlines. Its just so frustrating because i know i can achieve the distinctions however, inappropriate teaching and the stupid new BTEC rule(Merit and distinctions submissions allowed once) is just pulling me down. I don't know what i should do? should i do A levels at a further education college( i found one) or continue my health and social care BTEC to do the extended diploma? The thing is, i sort of lost passion for continuing my BTEC because it seems overwhelming especially knowing i will have the same teachers for the next academic year. I have heard A levels are hard and i have even lost passion for them anyway and its the same with my health and social care BTEC. I just Hate it right now although, i did enjoy it at the beginning. I just really want to go university and be that child nurse and don't know where to go from here. If anyone has some advice please comment ����3�l�

    (Original post by Blackstarr)
    It sounds to be honest, that you may be better taking a year out, gaining some experience and then seeing where you want to go from there.
    Do talk to your teachers though and tell them how you're feeling and what you're aiming to achieve to see if they can help you with that.
    It sounds as if you're fed up and if you're losing passion now you won't do yourself any favours. Nursing is difficult and it is hard going, both emotionally and physically.
    Contact universities you're interested in going to to see what they accept and see if your btec will suffice. I do recommend finishing it as it's better to have something rather than nothing!
    If universities ask for more than your btec then see how you can achieve that.
    Ultimately, if you want to be a nurse, nothing will stop you! Use that passion and that drive to keep you going when you're feeling like giving up.
    Volunteering with children and getting some experience can help keep this passion alive and make you realise what you really want to do.
    Best of luck

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    Hi, I agree with deviant182, you're better off finishing the course and gaining the BTEC, than not. And you can find out from the universities you want to apply to if they will accept it and what grades they want.
    Is there anyone you can speak to at college about your concerns about how the classes are taught and that you want to be gaining distinctions and how you can achieve them? After all the college should be supporting students to do their best and if you feel let down you should be able feed this back to them.
    As you said about A-levels, all universities I've looked at want a science subject at A-level so you would need to check the subjects you wish to study are accepted at the universities you want to apply to.
    There is the option of an Access to Higher Education Diploma Course, this is the equivalent of A-levels and can be completed in a year, however they are hard work and not an "shortcut" to getting into university. You may want to complete an Access course after your BTEC or perhaps like Deviant182 said after a gap year to gain more experience. Children's Nursing is competitive to get into so with work/voluntary experience you have something to talk about in your personal statement and interview/selection days. You could look at volunteering with St John Ambulance, your local hospital, a care home or a nursery. Even if you can't get experience working with children, you can talk about your experiences and how they make you suitable to become a children's nurse.
    You can still regain passion for your course, you may just feel like this at the moment, there will still be a lot more learning to go to get your nursing degree and all is not lost, you can still do something to get the grades you want.

    I hope this advice helps you and Good Luck.

    In terms of health and social care btec I thought I'd add I found it far easier to get into nursing than any of my friends doing nursing/ midwifery who did a levels (I have lots of nursing friends) due to the experience and relevance of course and understanding of health care that you don't get from a levels. Although different unis are different but overall I found it far easier.

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    I have gained a place on a child nursing course for September from studying a BTEC in childcare! I applied to 3 universities, I received 3 interviews and 2 offers, and one of those universities only had 12 places on their child nursing degree. I chose not to do A levels because I hate exams so I chose childcare because I love working with children and it gave me lots of experience with children. Don't think that A levels will give you a better chance of gaining at place at Uni because a lot of people at my interviews were doing BTEC's in health and social care. If you really want to be a nurse then I would definitely finish the course because I think you would definitely be accepted with that course at Uni for a child nursing degree.
    Hope this helped☺️

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