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Questions on Brexit & Careers as an international student

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    Hi Student Room,

    I'm an international student who is a bit worried about the outcome of Brexit and its impact on my potential career path.

    I've always been looking forward to studying and ideally securing a job in the legal sector as a solicitor in the UK. However, I'm unsure what the implications of Brexit could spell out for me.

    I've read a lot of articles by law firms and other pundits as to what it means for the UK and the legal sector as a whole, but I couldn't find anything specific for the implications of an international student trying to secure a job in the UK in a law firm.

    Questions like:
    1. Is it likely that protectionist policies will rise and thus make it harder for international students to obtain a work visa after university.
    2. Due to the UK leaving the EU, will the large law international law firms shift their headquarters away, making it harder for international students in particular to get a job?
    3. Since the market is incredibly shaky, will the legal sector continue to go on a lean and hire less

    I thought hopefully someone more knowledge could advise in this area! Thanks so much, and sorry for appearing like a hypochondriac.

    Ok so I'm a student of politics and International relations so I understand some of these questions. 1) Protectionist policies essentially mean a country closes of limits its trade with other countries to develop its own economy. As for visa's international students find it very hard to obtain work on the basis of being international students; as the UK has now left it is highly likely that we will give out visa's dependent on a students skill set. For example if we need more doctors and nurses we'll be more inclined to give out visa's for students who have the relevant qualifications. 2) In terms of international law changing, mostly this is related around Intellectual Property as the European Union was in the process of setting up a Intellectual Property Court. The truth is a lot of UK laws are derived from EU law so its merely a solidification of that. There's been a lot in the news about lawyers registering in Ireland, though I'm not sure on the effect that will really have. The UK is still (for now) a leading economy and London will remain a key basis for City/international law firms. If anything international students have numerous opportunities to gain jobs in these law firms as they are expanding massively in particular the Middle East seems to be booming. Although, a lot of law firms pride themselves on their support of diversity in terms of employment, being an international student can only help you. 3) Not so sure about this one, it really depends on how the UK economy recovers. If as is predicted a global recession occurs then law firms are likely to limit the number of lawyers they are looking to hire, but to be honest this probably won't be by a lot. However, the Financial times has also predicted that UK trade will stabilise the market and thus the effects of Brexit won't be that intense. Hope this was of some use!
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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