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52% UK voters no longer have the EU to blame for their misery - who will be?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    Who will you blame,
    When school places are full?
    When University fees increase?
    When the funding of the NHS is cut?
    When you cannot get a GP appointment?
    When air pollution kills thousands every year?
    When Cornwall and West Wales lose vital funding?
    When criminals escape our borders and across the EU?
    When you lose a human right or two, three or maybe four?
    When minimum wage does not keep up with the cost of living?

    Could try voting for Greens or UkIP, oh no wait your combined total of 6 millions of votes in 2014 achieve 2 MPs. Thanks to the British voting system. Maybe bring your complaint to the UK courts, oh wait our Courts judgements can be ignored by a simple vote by the very government who you claim has wronged you. Haha, imagine that the government does wrong but can escape punishment. Thanks to the British legal system. How about you vote for those 700 or so Lords maybe they can help you, oh no wait the House of Lords is unelected. What about our head of state, they represent you and oh wait the Queen is unelected and has no formal political power. Guess you better pray to the many face Gods the Tories turn Liberal, keep praying.

    Every person who blames the Tories for the things above but voted to Leave should seek a mental evaluation.

    Its the faceless elites!! Their plan to rub out the crosses on all our ballot papers was exposed, so now they're punishing us with recession!!!
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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