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Carol Ann Duffy

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the biography of Carol Ann Duffy. I am writing a biography for English lit and need to pay special attention to her childhood, her route into writing and her relationship with Adrian Henri

    Thanks in advance

    Hi, i studied Carol Ann Duffy's "the worlds wife" poems for my english coursework. Unfortunately the focus for our piece was on the poems itself so we didnt have to go into much detail about Duffy herself, but heres a bit i gathered about her background so i thought id post it incase it can be of any help

    CAROL ANNDUFFY BACKGROUND· She was the first female Poet Laureate (2009). PrimeMinister Tony Blair's administration had wanted a poet laureate who exemplifiedthe new "Cool Britannia," not an establishment figure, and Duffy wascertainly anything but establishment. Blair was worried about how"middle England" would react to a lesbian poet laureate. There werealso concerns in the administration about what Britain's notorious tabloids wouldwrite about her sexuality. In the end, Blair opted for the safe choice andnamed Andrew Motion to the post. · She is probably the best known female poetworking in Britain today· She was born in 1955 in Glasgow· Duffyis well known for poems that give a voice to the dispossessed (people excludedfrom society); she encourages the reader to put themselves in the shoes ofpeople they might normally dismiss. · She has published many collections of poetry, including TheWorld’s Wife (1999), from which Medusa comes. The collection represents womenfrom history, literature and fairytale, particularly thosewhose stories tend to be defined by men, or who have only a cameo appearance ina male-dominated scenario.· Her poetry often engages with the grittier and more disturbingside of life, using black humour like a weapon to make socialand political points. · Her poetry has always had a strong feministedge.
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Updated: June 27, 2016
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