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Postgraduate loan and brexit?

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    As we know, there should be announced postgraduate loan schemes at the end of July or beginning of August - will this referendum affect on this? Probably yes ... What do you think should I worry? I have some offers that I agreed on, but without government funding it will become unavailable for me.

    Hello there
    I am about to start an MA course this September and have been extremely anxious since I could not afford it without a loan. I have been a law student and I know that in order for any European country to leave Europe there should be a negotiation period of 2 years minimum (article 50) and during this period the country should be considered and act as a member of the EU union or else there will be ''bad'' consequences , according to the European Law system.I have also made my online search and found this.''The ultimate effects of the referendum result won't become clear until negotiations take place over the UK's withdrawal agreement. This is expected to take two years or more. The forthcoming postgraduate Masters loans are not expected to be immediately affected, with EU students continuing to be eligible in 2016-17. ''According to the european loan the postgraduate loans should be available for the whole period of two years and until the negotiations finish.But we live in medieval ages and anything might be possible .Hope I helped
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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