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Will the Erasmus program be gone now?

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    Now we have left the EU does anyone know if this incredible scheme will be scrapped :/

    We haven't left the EU yet.

    It's like when you're on holiday just after you've stayed out in the sun too long. It seemed the right thing to do at the time, but now everything's a little tender and pretty soon you'll be having no fun at all and unable to move about in the way you're used to. And you have a sneaky suspicious that the blame lies at the door or either that dark-looking man selling no-doubt dodgy suncream in the shop, or Europe.

    (Original post by Pato1)
    Now we have left the EU does anyone know if this incredible scheme will be scrapped :/
    The scheme wont be scrapped but UK students and staff may not be eligible. It will depend on the 2+ years of negotiations ahead.

    I hope not. And you can always g to non-EU countries anyway.

    It will still function in the UK for some time but will slowly be stripped away from students because of the old English people who decided to go back to the 70s.

    No. The comms officer for Erasmus released a statement saying the UK would still be part of the program. He also hinted that people who thought we would no longer be were rather stupid considering there's 4 countries already which are outside the EU but part of Erasmus.
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