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Just finished second year applying for masters 2017 entry

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    I've just finished my second year of university at a below average university (ranking around 60). I finished first year with a 64 but I've dropped to a 60 at second year because of one module that didn't go so well. I aim to actually hit the books in third year as all of these results were me working at the last minute etc. What's the likelihood of me getting into a top 25 university for masters? Most of them expect upper 2:1s to firsts... I could probably get an upper 2:1 but when I apply they would only have access to my transcripts from year 1 and 2. Any advice? Is applying later, around January to February too risky? This way they would hopefully be able to see my improvements from the start of third year.

    Apply when the admissions cycle opens and send the required transcripts. Unis just want a 2.1 so you'll be fine. These processes can take months so when you have more grades update the uni.

    Any offer would be conditional on you achieving a 2i or First - that simple.

    My Masters uni didn't ask for transcripts at the application stage (I applied early in my third year). They gave me a conditional offer based on two good academic references and a 2:1 or First as my final grade. My references were confirmed as acceptable two months after I applied. When my final degree grade was issued, I was required to scan and email my final transcript. At that point my place was confirmed.

    Each uni can set its own application process, but if you don't have to produce a transcript until after you have an offer, there will be no issue as long as you get that all-important upper 2:1/First (and your referees are confident that you will achieve it). Even if you do need to show your first/second year transcript during your application, your referees should be able to give your prospective Masters uni a measure of confidence that your final grade will be up to standard.

    Do beware that uni referees aren't like school uni referees. Academia is a small community and nobody wants a reputation for writing inflated or over-optimistic references. Your uni referees will tell it like it is, so be realistic about your prospects in order to avoid disappointment. If you aren't realistic, they will be realistic for you.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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