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Brexit! Britain Is Saved!

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    London Met, Nottingham Trent? Don't make me laugh. I'm starting at either Bristol or Sheffield in September.
    Oh, so you're just an A-level student like me then.

    "I am a chemical physicist" ha ha ha ha ha.

    Shame your ambitions were limited to Bristol though

    (Original post by Cato the Elder)
    Like Moses leading the children of Israel out of the tyranny and wickedness of Egypt and into the Promised Land, Nigel Farage has led his countrymen out of the EU and to freedom! We have broken off the shackles of the European Union and sent the Pope and his lackeys packing! The Catholic Church now stands to lose its seat at Westminster!

    Farage, for his efforts, deserves nothing less than a knighthood, a peerage even. He deserves to have a statue outside Parliament, preferably beside Oliver Cromwell's own, whose spirit is no doubt looking down from heaven on the events that have transpired today, and is filled with joy. For in his day Cromwell knew that Parliament was the sovereign ruler of these isles, and he held this close to his heart, and he would be horrified at any attempt to divest Britain of its parliamentary sovereignty and have this sovereignty relinquished to any institution, let alone one that is the design of the Vatican, a part of an infernal Papistical conspiracy! The countries of the European Union have been arrayed against us in a sordid coalition for the destruction of British pride. But they have failed this day, this day that the British people took back their liberties!

    Boris, for his part, must become our next Prime Minister, and lead us from glory to glory! He must appoint Gove as his Chancellor, and lead a post-Brexit settlement that will give honour and prosperity to this great country.

    The agents of the Vatican and the Eurocrats are with long faces this day, this day that their plans for one European state, under an almighty European bureaucracy, were dashed. Let this sound the trumpet call for revolution across the Continent, and let the walls of Brussels, like the walls of Jericho, crumble at the trumpeting of the godly European revolutionaries!

    The Remain traitors within our isles, who voted for a continuation of Popish rule, and who have forgotten our centuries-long history of struggle against Popish tyranny, who have forgotten the Magna Carta, and who have forgotten the formation of the Parliament in the Middle Ages, who have forgotten the Reformation, who have forgotten the Civil War and the Glorious Revolution, now heap abuse on the heads of those to whom this country really belongs - the patriots, you and I, who cheered on for Brexit and who got their just desserts - freedom, at long last, freedom!

    The youth, many in my own generation, who did not see the truth and have been brainwashed by pro-EU Marxist teachers, pontificating the glories of multiculturalism and diversity and promoting the fake One-World globalist agenda, are among those angry and sullen, and wish to turn their anger onto those of us wise youth and other pro-Leavers, who voted for the end of this disgraceful experiment, responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Europeans, and which has the blood of so many on its hands. But we shall reclaim this country from their sordid grip. We must begin the hard work now of transforming our country, ignoring the name-calling and the abuse and insults, and get to the hard work of restoring us to glory. We shall build a new Jerusalem with the liberties we have won back, and the rebuilding of our great land shall be akin to the rebuilding of the Temple, under the oversight of our great future leader, Boris Johnson, who is akin to a new Joshua or Nehemiah!

    The spirits of Enoch Powell, Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, Oswald Mosley, William Pitt the Elder, William Pitt the Younger, William III of Orange, Reverend Ian Paisley, Edward Carson and others now look down on us this day and they say "Well done Britain! Your future and your freedom and that of your children has been assured!"

    Like Gideon, called from his humble home to do battle for the Lord, Farage was called from his humble habitation to do battle for our country. Now, let us honour him as we must!

    The deceased Reverend Ian Paisley must surely be disappointed that his fellow Northern Irishmen chose to vote to stay in that Papistical entity of the EU, against all the warnings he had given them. But I am sure that most of the good, God-fearing Protestants voted out, and that it was some pseudo-Protestants in alliance with Catholics that voted to Remain. I trust, also, that the entirety of his congregation voted for out!

    The tremors of this political earthquake must spread beyond our borders! We must pray that our American brothers will also choose to defy the establishment and elect God's warrior, Donald Trump, for President.

    "In the year that King Uzziah died,", the prophet Isaiah wrote, "I saw the glory of the Lord." Let this year the EU die, so that we may see the glory of the Lord!

    FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! DEATH TO POPERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
    Shoot yourself
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    (Original post by thePatron)
    Shoot yourself
    Thank you for such an informative and well-thought out response!

    We've taken our country back!!!!

    (Original post by alevelstresss)
    Oh, so you're just an A-level student like me then.

    "I am a chemical physicist" ha ha ha ha ha.

    Shame your ambitions were limited to Bristol though
    Indeed. But what you don't seem to realize is that the degree doesn't make the scientist.
    For instance, last year I succeeded in finding a method of "short circuiting" the combustion reaction of all fuels, enabling it to happen spontaneously at room temperature. This meant that significantly more energy could be extracted from fuels and the increase in output energy increased with carbon content. To give you an idea of how cool this is, with octane the maths spits out a figure of about 3000kJ of extra energy per mole. Obviously this hasn't been tested in a lab due to my lack of facilities, but it works out on paper and has been checked through a chemist that my family knows. I could spend hours discussing the simulated combustion mechanisms I used with you, but I doubt you're interested.

    Now look, I had no intention of bragging. But when you belittle me like that it ticks me off and I stop caring. To be fair, the only reason why I managed to do this is because I'm a nerd with an unhealthy obsession and no life at all. Anyway, you should think before you start insulting people, lest you get egg on your face again.
    Bristol is one of only three universities in the country which offers a chemical physics course specialized enough for me. It's not a matter of ambition, it's a matter of whether the university does the right course or not.
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