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Why are immigrants always blamed?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    First of all the reason why we are in such a mess is because of our stupid government. Consider :
    • The billions of pounds that the likes of :Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Costa, Facebook and many more owe and have been owing for quite some time. Also the fact Google only pay about 3% tax on their income when they should be paying at least 20% by the law (and at least 30-35% in my opinion)
    • The fact that the Conservatives have tried slashing disabled peoples benefits and family tax credits while most of the rich and famous (not all but a lot of them) continue their tax avoiding/evading schemes, and also the many law firms that are around that help the rich and powerful avoid paying the tax they owe through the many loopholes that exist in the current system.
    • The fact that the ingenious Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London, decided that rather than building as many affordable homes as possible and trying to reduce the effects of the London housing crisis as much possible, decides to sell most of the available brown and greenfield sites in London to all of these foreign companies building brand new 'modern apartment complex's' that cost at least £450,000 (I live in London and I have seen these cropping up everywhere and I don't understand how £450,000 is affordable like wtf?). I can only imagine the situation is similar in other cities.
    • And I don't why, but has anyone noticed that we always seem to have money available for destructive wars and 'British pioneering in military technology' for more modern nuclear submarines that will never be used. Yet when it comes to the NHS and public services the government can't fund those areas as they need to 'reduce the deficit'.
    There are also many more things that the government have f****d up but I don't have time to list them. People who believe immigration is the source of their woes is deluded, because that seems to be the only reason the majority (not all but the majority) of Brexiters voted for. The government have clearly done a brilliant job in diverting your attention away from their failures (dare I say downright negligence).

    Convenience. People want to pretend there's an easy solution. Nobody wants to admit that they keep voting for a **** government, they'd rather pretend we can just leave the EU and become a utopia. I think people are in for a rude awakening.


    (Original post by 13 1 20 8 42)
    Love that episode :lol:

    deep underlying xenophobia amongst people. Easier to use them as a scapegoat than address the real issues.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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