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Will I have a chance of getting a Chemistry/Science foundation year?

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    I just finished my AS studies in Chemistry, History and Maths. At the start of the year I believed I could get Bs or maybe even As as my GCSE results made me feel confident at 3As and 5Bs. However I have failed myself. The courses were fine and I felt they were going smoothly. My exams however is a bad downfall. I didn't revise as much as I probably should of because of circumstances with my health.

    History: I was indeed lucky to have a question from 1/2 papers worth 20/50 marks that was the only question I revised but forgot to mention about one factor. The sources however were quite bad and cruddy. The second exam was even worse! Literally my whole GCSE knowledge wiped out my A Level knowledge and I wrote my GCSE on an A Level paper.. Bad move. Overall? Praying for a D but I might get an E.

    Maths: So I know the unofficial mark schemes don't mean anything online but I really believe they are rather accurate. I have worked out I have a solid D overall.

    Chemistry: This is the one I'm heavily most devastated by! I couldn't believe how hard the new spec papers were, it was shocking! Old spec papers I was getting solid Bs and As. I'm truly gutted. I only answered half the second paper and the first paper was just awful. I revised this the most. I am praying for an E but I think I got a U!

    So if I summarie the lowest grades I have my offer would be DEU. That's really bad I know, but I have been struggling lately with problems outside my studies which heavily distracted me from college. I've seen entry requirements for some unis that require mainly DDD. I've discussed with my college about a third year but I won't be funded however my application is strong to get a third year. If I did I would retake the first year and do Chemistry, Film studies and Gov and Pol. I feel I would get better grades doing subjects I wanted to in the first place than the 'Trinity College accepted ones'. Would this put me more at a disadvantage? If you went to study Chemistry at uni for a foundation year included in the degree could you tell me your story? Or if you applied this year for a foundation year and degree in Chemistry what's your story and how did it work through applying? Or if you went to do a science foundation year followed by a degree can you tell me your story? I've already made a UCAS account and have worked on a personal statement but I feel my personal statement is bad as well.

    Any help and advice from anyone experienced would be much appreciated.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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