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Struggling with Manager

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    Hi everyone! I am an Industrial Placement student at an International Organisation and this is my first ever "proper job" in an office. I have been at the company for 10 months out of a 12 month placement so do not have long left but always strive to better myself and improve. Attached is the feedback I have received yesterday and don't know how to feel. I'm not sure if my disappointment is warranted or if I'm just a perfectionist.

    She said she's pleased with how I'm doing and my role, but spent the meeting (one-hour in length) briefly praising me (like 2 mins) and spent the remainder of the time giving constructive feedback which left me exhausted and a bit deflated.

    Is this normal? Do most employee reviews focus on the development points as opposed to what you've done well? My manager is very awkward at giving positive feedback but good at giving negative feedback.

    My biggest development points is to communicate updates more consistently and to ask for additional work (even though I'm so stretched currently!) Any suggestions on the best way to do this and how often?

    Many thanks


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    That probably a higher than average performance based on the number of excellent, very good and good ratings.
    It looks like it's on a 1-5 scale, and you have probably got a 3 possibly even a 4. A small proportion of the workforce are likely to have got a 4 or 5, the vast majority of people doing well in their job will have got a 3.

    I think you have probably taken the constructive criticism too personally. Feedback is important for your own development and success.

    If they really thought you were doing a bad job you would have got far more "fair" ratings.

    It doesn't sound like an abnormal review meeting. Sure they could have spent more time talking about what you did well, but an hour isn't a long time to talk about 10 months worth of work, and so focuses on the bits they thought were important. And that's usually what you need to improve on. However, what would have been better is for the manager to discuss with you what you can put in place to try and help you improve.

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    (Original post by kg00105)
    Welcome to the adult world where no-one is going to tell you you're a special little chipmunk even if you fail! There's no efficiency in spending most of the hour talking about what's going right - if you want a person to improve, you have to discuss the points that warrant improvement. It would be a lot more worrying to get a 20 minute discussion that focussed 50/50 on the good and bad, because that would indicate your manager didn't think you were worth the investment of time and effort, ie you couldn't change.

    That's actually a pretty good report for a 10 month internship, you should be quite chuffed with it. In terms of improving your communication, have a few ideas and then go back to your manager and ask if they think the ideas might help - that in itself is communication.

    Mate I don't know what you're worried about, according to the manager you're always well groomed!

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Updated: June 26, 2016
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