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I challenge all Bremainers...

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    (Original post by King Geedorah)
    Just a question, May be somewhat off-topic. But does anyone have a clear statistic of the %Turnout of 18-24 year olds?

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    I believe it was 36 % or 37 %

    (Original post by DoctorDC)
    You sound poorly informed.

    EU: 184,000 Non-EU: 188,000


    I'm sure you'll provide a thorough analysis and debunking.

    (Original post by captainslow69)
    Said this in another thread but will say this here too.

    'One of my biggest fears about Brexit is that I personally believe that any future conservative government will slowly begin to diminish the rights we take for granted in the UK that are protected and introduced by the EU, particularly workers rights. Things such as equal pay, reducing gender inequality, safety in the workplace, the use of sustainable materials/methods in businesses and the hiring of suitably qualified workers for certain trades , funding for scientific research, how much paid leave we get and so on. The list is endless. I think soon businesses will begin to ignore these regulations for greater profits and the conservatives will do nothing and allow them to continue paying the less than 5% tax they already pay. All this European army nonsense, we are part of an even bigger and more destructive army called NATO!

    Oh boy have I never wanted to be more incorrect in my life.'
    Many of those regulation were in place long before we ever joined in the 70's ! What do you thing all the campaigns were for in the 60's and early 70's !

    I am a Leaver !!

    I get the vibe that many remainers voted for selfish reasons. They voted because they considered only how the vote would affect themselves. I have seen reasons ranging from work to it wouldn't allow me to travel in the EU ! I also see many were mis-informed on the origins of our laws and legislations and few have researched what the country was like prior to the EU, what the EU actually introduced / altered and few have compared the two. For example did you know that the single market had a key impact on the decline of our industry ? Which led to large job losses ? Did you also know that our fishermen only fish in 30% of our waters due to EU restrictions ? Quotas also mean that any fish they have above their limits have to be thrown back - even if they are dead ! Many farmers are also subject to quotas and therefore have to dump and destroy crops !! The Common Agricultural Policy means we produce far more than we need or can trade ! Small family owned farms suffer at the hands of the large conglomerate farmers that get millions in subsidies.

    I have seen the poor get poorer. Unemployment get higher - especially amongst younger people. I have seen the NHS struggle to cope with an increased population. Often hospitals have to shut wards or keep ambulances on hold because there are no beds. Schools have larger class sizes and the infrastructure in this country has deteriorated in the last 10 years. Admittedly not all of this is due to the EU - but most has a direct or indirect cause linked to the EU.

    The woking man has sufffered more at the hands of the EU than any other. Our industries have been sold off or have fallen due to the bueracracy of the EU and small businesses are over legislated. Competition is stifled as the bigger the corporation the more you benefit.

    Education has suffered too ! If you think you are valued at Uni because of your grades - think again. Universities are paid per bum on the seat so it is in their interest to devalue education and invite more people into their institutions ! Universities are businesses first and foremost. The EU funding is allocated on the basis of student numbers, publications by lecturers and grants obtained by lecturers. More money is giver for the number of non-eu students and the number of disabled students !than any other ! If you don't believe me then look into the REF criteria !

    The EU is expanding beyond its original remit. It was a single market - it is now a eurostate. It can't be held accountable as its leaders are un-democratic. The heads of the European council can override the decsions made by the elected MEP's. It wants to form a central army - which can only lead to further unneccesary warfare ! It also want to wreck havoc on our NHS. They never liked us because we demanded too much from them even though we are one of their biggest contributers, and got the least back from them! As such we end up propping up the weaker economies of the EU and assisting in bail outs that should have never happened.

    The EU is corrupt and after its own interests. It lets in countries that are not strong enough to enter (Greece) and takes on increased debt. It was also set up as a gut reaction to the cold war by the support of the US. One of the goals was to create unity to prevent further wars - yet its unitiy is creating the threat of future wars. The economies, cultures and people within the EU are too different to ever become a succesful union. It was doomed to fail from the start and has no future. It has become too big and too ambitious. It will fall.

    So i voted to leave. I voted to leave not for myself - but for the interests of the working class, the poor, the disabled, the ill, the young, the old, the unemployed, the small farmers and the small businessmen.. I voted in the hopes that leaving would free up funding for much needed improvements to our services and NHS and to create more jobs for low skilled workers. I voted in the hopes that we could once again re-establish our manufacturing and industry as an economic power and move away from our reliability on the finance industry. I voted to give future generations the chance to thrive. I voted to get out of a sinking ship before it goes down. I voted in the hopes that our deprived northern towns could re-build themselves into what they once were after the decimation left behind by Thatcher and continued under the EU ! I voted for freedom from un-accountable officials. I voted for the future as i was willing to take a chance even though i would suffer in the short term financially and otherwise - because i belive that chance was worth it for everyone worse off than i am in the country !!
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    I researched this and wrote this.

    Here were the possible solutions to the British steel crisis whilst we were in the EU.
    And many of which are the fault of the EU.
    Reforms are difficult to make...
    Dang it, I forgot to mention state aid is mostly illegal, so the UK government can't bail out any failing industries, even if so many jobs depend on it. /EU procurement law.
    My report on the British steel industry crisis...

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