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Sick of seeing Remainers turning this into a race issue

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    Ultra liberals are starting trouble with their lies. All over social media I'm reading how we've submitted to xenophobia, racism bla bla. Some people are even trying to say Leave = Islamophobia which makes no sense since migration from the eu are 99% non muslims. It seems anyone who voted leave is automatically labeled a racist if they are white or a sellout if they are from an ethnic minority. Yes It's true UKIP and Britain First supporters would have voted leave but their numbers are tiny in that 17million that voted to leave. Some of those people spreading these lies are quite important public figures.

    I myself is an Asian and I voted leave and I know many asians and blacks who voted to leave. People (Black, Asian and Whites) who told me they weren't voting leave because they hated immigrants but simply wanted more control over immigration. They also voted leave because they see EU as a sinking ship taking the UK down with it and are patriotic enough to have confidence over their country to make it on its own in the world because at the end of the day UK is a global superpower who once owned half of the world. Lot of asians I know voted remain simply because they believed the "racists' are voting leave so we must vote remain.

    These people are just starting trouble when there isn't any need for it. I think if they keep going at it there will be a massive unrest and riots.

    Maybe we can put some of that EU budget on more riot police, batons, tear gas and high pressure hoses.

    Well, it is a race issue in certain areas. Older people are more likely to be racist and want foreigners out of the country. Deal with it...

    People who voted Remain aren't turning this into a race or islamophobia issue. People like this guy are:

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Updated: June 24, 2016
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