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Best accommodation for Archaeology Students?

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    I'm currently looking at studying BA Archaeology at York in 2017 and I'm pretty much set on this as one of my main choices but I'm just wondering what accommodation would be best for me if I was to study Arch here? I attended the open day and did the tour round King's Manor and realised it's futher away from the main campus than I was expecting!

    I'm looking for self-catered accommodation that isn't going to take me hours to walk or get the bus to the manor but I still want to stay in one of the blocks/colleges with good social life and things to do. I've read some horrific tales about Halifax and how dull it is so please set me straight or warn me away from certain choices that aren't going to kill my social life if needed.

    Also I'm a little confused on what each college specialises around? Someone told me that Vanbrugh College socialises more within the Music and Arts groups so does that mean each college focuses more on one area of study/interest with it's members?

    I'm really new to all this information but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask now even if I have got over a year to decide! Help would be great!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for choosing to join us in 2017!

    Wherever you're living on campus it would only take you about 15-25 minutes to get to King's Manor on the bus. If you want to walk, I'd recommend looking at Campus West rather than East because that would only take you around 35 minutes minutes depending on how fast a walker you are (it's a nice walk too).

    James College is fully catered but all other colleges offer some self-catered rooms.All of our colleges have a mix of students from different courses, but the facilities and events in those colleges can sometimes affect the types of students that are drawn to that college. For example, Vanbrugh has music facilities so it's very popular with students who are into music (although the facilities are open to members of other colleges too) - but they're not all Department of Music students.

    When you're looking at the social life within a college, remember that the events are generally arranged by students so activities can change year-on-year - and you can always start to arrange your own events if your college doesn't already offer something you're interested in!I hope that's a help!

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Updated: June 29, 2016
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