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Prediction of consequences following Brexit

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    So, what do you guys think will happens after brexit.

    I reckon Scotland would want a referendum (and will prob still remain UK).

    The Pound value would probably drop but not as much as it has so far. Will fluctuate but when it becomes stable it would prob be less.

    Many migrants will be flooding in til we officially leave EU.

    Other countries will discuss whether they want to leave EU/ join it. If they do then EU will obviously fall apart but i dont think thts likely.

    On the long term, once all trade negotiations are set, Britain could possibly Prosper.

    More jobs should be available in the future.

    Higher demand of workers therefore higher wages.

    Less demand for housing (due to new immigration policies) therefore reduction in their costs.

    So what do you guys think will happen? WW3, more/ less terrorism or maybe a new world order?

    Death to all but Britain.

    Nigel ferage will become prime- minister and Borris will become the next queen. We will all have to drink tea at a designated time.. always having to hold doors open **** will go down....

    Katie Hopkins and Boris Johnson will be smug.

    I think the FTSE 100 will continue to rise, as it has been today.

    House prices will go down.

    More jobs will become available for young people, as migrants are generally younger.

    Realism will now overtake Liberalism in terms of international relations, which is really quite shocking, but I'm a realist myself so I like it.

    The streets will become gold.

    The rivers and lakes will be filled with nectar.

    The birds will sing Rule Britannia.

    The people will be happy and content.

    And then you will wake up.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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