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Remain are free to go and live in another EU country

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    (Original post by Josb)
    I mean even Corbyn supported Remain. I can't see how you can apply your plan when the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs remain pro-EU, not just the Blairites.
    Corbyn did that to avoid being done in a coup. He changed his viewpoint to appease those behind him, which is why he hardly campaigned for remain and championed them. Deep down, he wanted the UK out but couldn't stand on that platform as Blairite Labour politicians would have used that as an opportunity to seek back control of the party. Anyone who thinks Corbyn really wanted to remain is wrong. It was just a clever move to avoid the situation that happened with the Tories. Imagine if he had championed to leave, and remain had won. He'd have had to step down like Cameron has done in the opposite scenario.

    The only good thing is the trade unions are supporting Corbyn so he might just survive all of the problems.
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    (Original post by JamesN88)
    In an ideal world but that brand of Labour can't win an election. They were successful when using the profits of rampant Capitalism to fund Social Democratic policies.
    It can with the backing of trade unions and whilst the Tory party is in complete disarray.

    (Original post by welshiee)
    It can with the backing of trade unions and whilst the Tory party is in complete disarray.
    The problem is that you need build bridges to win and Corbyn only preaches to the converted.

    I think Dan Jarvis would be he best choice to get cross party appeal, the fact that he's ex-army kicks the whole "unpatriotic lefties" thing into touch.

    "I didnt get the result i want, so i want to redo it until i get what i wanted. When I do get it, we can then start the game. And if you dont give me what i want, my friends and i will not be friends with you and break off to play with someone else. "

    This just shows how self centered and childish some peoples behaviour are.

    I london and scotland wants to threaten the rest of the uk with this behaviour l would happy br the first to give it to them. Lets see if they have the guts to do it or if their threats are a bit of hot air. The rest of the uk can plan to rebuild back our country with industries and innovation so we can become great britian once again.

    Why are people still crying about it seriously. Im not a leaver but theres no going back on it and no amount of crying is going to change anything. We should take Camerons advice and improve our focus on moving ahead from this instead of looking back at what should've happened or why it shouldnt have happened/

    If you dont want to help britain improve then you can leave if the vote has hurt you so much.

    (Original post by physicsphysics91)
    As they want another referendum after losing a democratic election fairly they can move to an undemocratic country like Syria
    Syria? Can you really not think of a better example like Saudi Arabia, perhaps?

    If Assad went then ISIS will take in charge. He held elections and won last year. So most people in Syria are happier for him to run.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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