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Some people shouldn't get to vote

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    despite making some valid points OP, people have the right to vote otherwise it wouldn't make it a fair democracy. the public, should have been better informed about this, and reached out to individuals that felt that they were being swayed in the wrong direction.
    It seems to many that outcome of the EU referendum has resulted in a lot of loss and devastation not just in the UK but abroad too, thats why it is quite unfair. And to top it all off, majority of voters that chose to leave the EU were of a certain age, and that age won't see the result of this in the future.
    Regardless, we should hope for the best and try to remain optimistic for the future even though we have been plagued so far with futile promises and uncertainty.

    (Original post by wildleaves)
    and who are these people not capable of critical thinking? only those that disagreed with you i assume ?
    No. I don't think so. There are also people who voted Remain for the wrong reasons and I don't think they should get a vote either. There have been people on the Leave side who have presented well thought out arguments and who have properly evaluated. I would not deny them a vote.

    I would deny a vote to the people who openly say they have little interest or knowledge in politics and voted out because 'they just wanted out'; those who chanted 'out out out' and throw around redundant insults when they have nothing logical to reply with. I would especially deny it to those who voted Leave not thinking it would actually happen and just wanted to stick a middle finger up at the government in their own small way. I would also deny a vote to those who voted remain because they conflate the Leave campaign with morons and think they're above them; who fail to realise that there are flaws in the EU and pretend that everything is perfect.

    To conclude: people who lack the skills and motivation to consider a well thought out argument and who are unaware of the sheer gravitas this referendum holds should not be allowed a vote.

    (Original post by JordanL_)
    Some people aren't capable of telling the difference between a fact, an opinion and a lie, and they aren't capable of evaluating evidence. They aren't capable of being sceptical and thinking critically.

    They're so arrogant and ignorant that they'll dismiss the opinions of renowned experts, somehow deciding that they know better. It never occurs to these people "actually, maybe I'm full of ****". They just make stuff up as they go along, whatever fits their agenda, and they ignore anyone who tries to interfere.

    There are people that voted to leave the EU because "We give 350m/week to the EU". We don't. They could have made this shocking revelation had they bothered to do 5 seconds of research, but they didn't. They don't even know what they want because they don't know what's real and what's made up.

    Everyone who disagrees with them is dismissed as having an agenda, and then they decide that they're just as qualified to comment. Scientists around the world said that a Brexit would be bad for the UK, but these Little Englanders knew better.

    They're opposed to progress, and actively sabotage it, and they think that anything they don't understand is evil.

    These are the people that would have had us keep believing the Earth is flat, and the people that would have kept burning scientists at the stake for their heresy.

    And then, when it turns out they made the wrong decision, they just say "well, that's democracy!" and we all have to suffer the consequences.

    Whilst I agree somewhat with you, you really do need to give this a rest for a bit. The brexiters have won this fight, wrongly send disco entry perhaps, but won nonetheless. If the result is as bad as you have made out, and I also sympathise on that, people will see for themselves, and in time things may change.

    Your worst colours are spilling out, friend.

    I haven't seen so much snobby elitism since Britain was a member of that union, the EU or something was it?

    I guess you are now going to switch from supporting democracy to supporting wealth-based votes, or literacy tests, or the monarchy.

    This Brexit is going to trigger the disintegration of the EU and a likely 5 to 7 year depression. The poor will be hit hardest at every stage, but this need not affect us so adversely if we are smart and cautious. Capitalists find a way around everything. We just need to accept the result and be optimistic about the future, and pray that the white working class English are not suffering too much. Not that we can do anything about it; it wasn't our fault.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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