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Btec or a level??? Help

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    Hello guys, I recently have finished my gcses, and I did 10 gcse altogether.

    And now we have the option to go to college and either do Btec or a levels.

    I got 2 offers from 2 different places with 2 different courses.
    For the 1st college : (newvic sixth form in London) I'm gonna do mechanical engineering level 3 btec, and I had an interview already however I don't think I'll do well with Btec. I don't have much experience with engineering and the concept of mechanism sounds pretty tough and it's out of my interest.

    The 2nd college is Bsix Brooke House Sixth Form: they offered me 3 a levels: maths, chemistry and physics, I find 3 of these subjects quiete tough and challenging. I think I got a high B in maths gcse and got C for chemistry and physics. Btw Im persuing an engineering career which sounds very tough. Also I hate the concept of exams and a levels are really hard and very demanding. I don't think I'll dont think I will do very well.

    So I just wanted to be which should I take A levels or Btec.
    Because I think I'll get 10/10 gcses
    WITH maybe: 2 As
    And maybe a D for 1 or 2 subjects (but it's also very unlikely)

    If I'm gonna choose a levels, ik If work my ass off, I'll at least be able to get B/C around there somewhere, btw for gcse I didn't really revise properly, meaning I still do have a potential and I generally wanna do well in life. I'm lost right now, with severe stress, I can't pick and choose. People say BTECS ****.

    It's actually not. A levels are hard at the same time.

    Would mechanical engineering be alright for me???

    Thanks for ur reply

    Well I've taken a mixture of BTEC and A Levels. I do Health and Social Care (my course is only equivalent to 2 A Levels), Sociology and I also did EPQ but that was only a year long subject.

    I would personally say now heading into Year 13 that it's best to do either one or the other. But that's just from my perspective. I am not failing or anything - thankfully - I'm getting Distinctions in BTEC and I'm looking towards a C or B grade for Sociology - which for me is okay because they cancel out the grade for AS Level starting this year anyway, so I can aim for my A Grade as I progress further into Year 13.

    The only issue is that I have found it quite difficult to balance revision and keeping up with assignment deadlines etc.:bawling:

    If I could go back, I would have taken 2 BTEC's because I'm not too keen on exams but I took sociology because it goes well with health and social care for the course I want to do at Uni, however, I could have chosen ICT BTEC which would also have worked well with health and social care.

    All in all, I am happy with the results I am currently getting but it is quite stressful. In general, Year 12 and 13 will be extremely stressful, but you decide what's best for you. If you like exams better than coursework, choose A Levels, if you like coursework better than exams, choose a BTEC.

    And enjoy this summer! Don't take this summer for granted because it is probably the last summer where you are literally free to just relax

    Honestly, BTECS take a lot of work but aren't very mentally taxing. You don't have to be smart and if you put in the effort you can get the grades. A levels are much harder but universities know this. If you are smart enough to do well in your a levels(and are planning to put in the work. trust me. you will NEED to put in a lot of work to do well) then a levels are the better option. You can get into much better universities (top 10).

    If you think that you're a B to C grade student go with BTEC because you will get into the same universities either way. If you're an A/B grade student go with a levels.

    It depends highly on what you want to do afterwards. If you're looking to go to uni and study mechanical engineering, a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma will be accepted by most good universities, but not the very best. If you were to do that, I'd highly recommend taking A level Maths alongside, maybe even Physics if you can manage it. Maths is the main one to look at because this is usually a requirement if you're offering a BTEC and is needed to prove you can handle the mathematics involved at degree level. You've said that the BTEC looks tricky but you're not expected to have much knowledge about engineering when you start. The best they can really ask for is a strong background in mathematics and physics. If you feel like you haven't performed well at GCSE, maybe have another look through revision guides towards the very end of your summer but don't let it stress you out during these few weeks!

    BTECs are very specific so with that course you'd be limiting yourself to Mechanical Engineering, maybe other disciplines of engineering if you're willing to work hard. However, they're often easier to get good grades in so I would recommend those if you don't think you can get high grades at A level. A D*DD or something along those lines is a lot better than BBC at A level. However, I would always recommend you look at what you want to do afterwards, and if it's an engineering course at uni, you should definitely consider A level or at least AS Mathematics.

    I must admit that I am only in Year 11 myself and you may want to consider that when assessing my reliability, but I'm saying what I know based off research and extensive discussion on the subject because I was confused about it at one point as well. I hope you're happy with whatever you choose to go with

    Just keep in mind that A levels are becoming increasingly difficult due to the new changes. If you can get to the same point by doing a Btec then I would advise that route.

    I just did both. Finished my A Levels now and will be starting my BTEC this September. Easy way to ensure a place in university and i dont know why more people dont do it.
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