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Remain Expert Mark Carney starts to money print!

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    The Remain camp use to enjoy telling us that their experts know best.

    I tried to explain to them that their expert Mark Carney was as bad as the USA Ben Bernanke who did helicopter drops of quantitative easing (money printing) to prop up the zombie stock bubble.

    I tried to explain to them that the European Central Bank has been replicating this monetary policy.


    This kind of monetary policy is what caused Germany in WW1 to basically go into hyper inflation.

    So what is Mark Carney going to do? 250 Billion of QE injected right into the British Stock Market. Instead of letting the market adjust this Keynesian is turning Britain into a monetary drug addict!

    I hope the Remain camp now see what kind of idiots they regard as experts. I hope this QE bubble pops quick so Mark Carney gets fired.

    How does this £250bn work? What is Carney buying from the banks in return for the cash he is giving them? Or is he just giving them free money?


    (Original post by DavidMason47)
    How does this £250bn work? What is Carney buying from the banks in return for the cash he is giving them? Or is he just giving them free money?
    They normally buy government bonds but generally can purchase any financial asset. Each plan will be custom tailored depending on what instruments they want to encourage or curtail growth in. The bought assets are managed by a subsidiary called the Asset Purchase Facility.
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Updated: June 27, 2016
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