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Can we have a REMAIN mass rally in Central London - Someone ORGANISE IT NOW!!!

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    (Original post by AverageExcellence)
    It is your democratic right to undermine and attempt to overturn a democratically elected decision..

    you guys are literally wet liberal fascists... but the worst bit is you pretend you're some champion of liberal democracy only when its the decision you want to see.. your kind are a dying breed the world is waking up now. Liberals back in the day actually had real causes worth supporting but you triggered angsty teenagers are just being shown what you are.

    You have a go at the elderly about their vote they're 10 times more clued up than you were on the referendum for sure, I hadn't spoke to a remain supporter under 21 who wasn't just parroting what they had clearly heard or seen from the guardian
    This. The bandwagon is pretty damn crowded

    "Wah wah wah, I didn't get my own way so I'm going to kick up a stink about it"

    Remind me - are you an adult or a child?
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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