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Seriously wtf remainers?

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    (Original post by ckfeister)
    Do tell me what I'm crying about, its the remainers crying and no we wouldn't of.
    did you make this thread? cba going back to check. Assuming you did, you are crying about calls for a new referendum, if you didn't care about it you wouldn't be making a thread crying about it. You won, maybe you should go and get on with the **** storm you voted for instead of complaining about other people complaining about other people.

    And maybe you as a person may not have called for a 2nd ref. but the leave camp would have, maybe not all but certainly the likes of Farage and the other bigots who can't accept that the UK isn't the same power house it was in the early/mid 1900s, he even said so himself before they actually won, he said if it was close they're would be calls for a second. Now that it has gone the other way for some reason a 2nd ref is now absurd apparently, talk about fickle.

    There is no second referendum. But be strong. All the best. Have a good day, and good health.


    (Original post by titfortat)
    But it wasn't 52% of the population. 52% of the vote was to leave, not everyone voted though as there was only a 72% turnout
    That's a high turnout. If people didn't want to vote, that's up to them but they have to accept the validity of the result.

    (Original post by redherring321)
    I don't think there's really much point in holding a second referendum- UNLESS they allow 16-17 year olds the right to vote.


    (And btw I did want to remain but I respect other people and their opinions Just thought it would be interesting to hear what others think...)

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    Totally Agree!!! The stats show a clear age and which way they voted trend.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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