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What do you as a Brexiter think about this?

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    (Original post by JRKinder)
    So you're telling me that you honestly believe that Scotland will still be a part of the UK next year/whenever? Seriously? They nearly left last time, now they have even more of a reason to.

    And the FTSE 100 did fall massively yesterday (and the German, Italian and New York stock exchanges), what I'm posting is not 'nonsense', it's reality and Brexiters are refusing to admit it on the fantastical notion that Britain will be 'great again'.

    And I agree with you, yesterday the results would suggest that. But upon experiencing the first day of Brexit and realising the cold reality of leaving the EU, I can guarantee that the majority now wish to stay. The referendum isn't even legally binding, anyway, which puts its legitimacy into further doubt.
    Youre embarassing Bremainers tbh, just stop.

    When Scotland realise they'll have to give up the sterling and adopt the Euro they'll probably have a second thought about leaving, combine this with all the problems that would still be there from if they became independent last time, makes their vote look a lot less one sided.

    FTSE 100 recovered at a 2% rise for the week, although you are correct about other EU markets taking a hit, but again this was expected. Markets are expected to recover and your knee jerk reaction, like many others, is impressively annoying.

    You can't guarantee anything, stop making these bs claims. No its not binding but parliament wouldnt dare not go through with it after a democratic vote, there would be blood on the streets quiet literally.

    I voted remain btw.

    A Politician lied. That's nothing new. 'Politician' is a synonym for liar
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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