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Who would like a paragraph from me?

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    Too late?

    (Original post by FireFreezer77)
    Apologies for the late response, no excuses, it's my fault!
    So let's begin!

    AngryRedHead, First off I want to say thanks for helping me out in my bullying presentation thread. I really appreciate it!
    That just shows that you're a helpful person who takes pride in helping others (something not a lot of people seem to have nowadays!). I seriously respect you for that because you genuinely are an awesome person! People are always satisfied with the advice that you give and that must be a massive confidence booster for you!
    But alongside your helpful side there's your funny chatty side! This side of you is very entertaining, although your username does suggest that you're angry (which I've not seen yet).
    Your conversational skills are second to none which is awesome (just like you) and proves that you know what you're doing when it comes to chatting and keeping people entertained.
    You're funny side is (for me) one of the best on TSR! You're magnificent at making me laugh and are able to do it with relative ease!
    You are brilliant!

    I was not expecting such a lovely paragraph, thank you, sincerely
    I'm going to put this on my profile, you're awesome aswell, don't let anybody drag you down
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    (Original post by undercxver)
    This was so sweet! I never expected you to be able to say so much. Thank you, and you too do seem like an interesting person.

    I hope I see you around on other threads.
    Aww! It's all true!
    Well always expect the unexpected as I say! Ive seen you around a lot so I had plenty to say (as you've seen).
    No worries! Thankyou!

    I have a feeling our paths will cross soon!
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    (Original post by IKEAPanda37)
    No worries, it's perfectly fine

    Haha yes, I do love IKEA and pandas

    Aww thank you so much, that means a lot I never really saw myself in this way but I love that you and other people do Thanks for an amazing paragraph, you are generally an incredible person and I hope to see you around more on here, and if you need cheering up, then I'm here:jive::jive::jive::jive::jive:
    Phew! I got round to it in the end!

    Haha I had a feeling you did

    No worries!! It's all true!!
    Well me and many others have seen you in this way and I hope you start to soon!
    It's ok, Thankyou!! I super appreciate that!! I'm sure you will :yep: You can always drop me a message if you want to chat! I'm always open!
    Aw Thankyou! I appreciate that!! :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo:
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    (Original post by AngryRedhead)

    I was not expecting such a lovely paragraph, thank you, sincerely
    I'm going to put this on my profile, you're awesome aswell, don't let anybody drag you down

    How come? You're a lovely person and all I can write is lovely things about you! I've never seen anything bad about you! No worries
    Oooh excellent! Now everyone can see what an amazing person you are!!!
    Thanks!! But you're more awesome!!
    I'll do my best not to!

    Btw I'm finished with college now!!! I never have to see them ever again!!! :jive:
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    (Original post by Tasnia'x)
    Hehe No worries.

    Aww, So sweet.
    And Yaaaaaas That is sooo TRUE!!!
    Thaaaank you so much. x

    Your Amazing!!
    Phew haha

    It's all true!!
    See hehe! You're gonna live a great life!!
    No worries!! I'm glad you liked it

    Me. I do
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Updated: July 9, 2016
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