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Anyone need french-english or english-french translator/ppal?

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    I am able to do cheap translations for those that need to translate passages, personal statements, essays etc from french to english or vice versa. I am a native english speaker with advanced level credentials in french and would love to put that to use this summer by helping people out. I would only charge £5 for every 500 words, no more than 2000 words.

    Alternatively, if you too want to keep practising your french/english, I can arrange a weekly correspondence/chat to keep the linguistic juices flowing. I love languages, but I know how quickly you can lose vocab and sharpness over the summer and am determined for that not to happen this year, especially because I am not continuing language studies at uni...

    So, anyone that is seriously interested in either, please post down below or private message me for details! I would love to hear about anything similar you're doing too!!!
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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