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I think ive hit a dead end in my life...

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    I admit it. Im lazy. Im not blaming it on the fact I have severe depression and the meds never work but the depression hasnt helped. I passed all my GCSE's with C or above. Went on to 6th form, failed first year studying Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The school let me retake and I got a C in Physics, a D in Chemistry and failed Biology again. I then moved to a college to continue to A2 and take up Maths As. Failed Maths and Chemistry and got an E in Physics. I then moved to another college to go study Btec level 3 in Mechanical Engineering. At the start of the year everything was going fine, then my Mother's boyfriend became abusive and started to beat me up before new year. I hit back in self defense and called the police for help. They ended up arresting me and letting him off because he made out that I had punched him for no reason. I was let out of police custody the next day with no charges whatsoever. Since then Ive not been able to do any work at all. I have until the 27th to do 16 assignments and I just cant seem to finish them off. I also have been so tired that I generally wake up when the college day ends so my attendance is incredibly low. My younger sister said to me that if I dont finish all the work she will kick me out of the house and will not care what I do next. Being 20 there seems no way I can get an apprenticeship and even if I did the references from my current college will look so bad that theres a 0% chance of me getting any job. I dont know what to do. I just feel like its the end of the road for me.

    Tell that to your course tutor and you might be able to get extra leniency when they mark the work or maybe an extension if its possible

    Also you dont have to complete all the work, just work solidly from now and go for the pass criteria, 2 days is plenty of time to do pass criteria for multiple units, you may even have enough time for some Merits

    Also I know people in their early 20s who have just started apprenticeships, try your best to get the BTEC though even at a low grade it will still help you a lot, I know its not related to your course but for example IBMs IT apprenticeship only reqires MMP and they are a massive company im sure there will be Engineering ones like that out there too
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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