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I demand full Parliamentary sovereignty.

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    (Original post by welshiee)
    Yes, it is. Companies do not want people rebelling at the bottom. They want people at the bottom following the chain of command and getting **** done.

    It thought we were all free now we have left the EU?

    So whinging about a democratic deficit of the EU is stupid whilst such a democratic deficit exists in our everyday lives.

    (Original post by JamesN88)
    I demand sovereignty for me in my own house, not the local council based in the town hall one mile away.
    My housemate and I are currently arguing over who should have sovereignty of the chocolate chip cookies.

    (Original post by democracyforum)
    there was actually a person who used to appear on the daily politics show arguing to get rid of the monarchy

    The EU hasn't made us more democratic
    It often overrules the governments of Ireland, France, Spain, Hungary and Greece.
    Were the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets to unilaterally declare itself a Caliphate and secede from the UK, I assume they would find themselves swiftly overruled by Parliament on behalf of the rest of the electorate. Does that centralised, moderating influence make the UK 'less democratic'?

    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    It thought we were all free now we have left the EU?

    So whinging about a democratic deficit of the EU is stupid whilst such a democratic deficit exists in our everyday lives.
    How many times does this have to be said? This is only the beginning and a lot of people, including myself, acknowledge that there are problems in the UK as well but first we needed to remove the EU's grip and control over us. Next we will remove and take back control from Westminster and the people's voices will be heard.

    Requiring the EU to be there to 'protect' us from our own government is as stupid as hiring someone to stop a babysitter from harming your baby. You don't do that. You bring in a good babysitter that will look after your baby's best interests, and likewise we must bring in a government that looks after our best interests.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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