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Is our country ****ed?

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    I voted for remain because I wanted to save our economy. The EU is not perfect but I think we are better to be in the EU than out of it. Financial businesses are already threatening to leave the UK.

    We will be okay after a while. Everything is going to be a bit up and down for a few years, but that's expected.

    No, the Remains campaign of fear is working a treat on everybody

    If you voted for remain to save our economy and link it to a financial market that will collapse in the future then you're an idiot who fell for ******** reports made by the IMF and OECD on numerous of baseless assumptions. They love people like you as you read the headline and think doom and gloom when if you look at the methodology you'll see its so anti-science that the paper should just be burnt and never read again.

    The Euro is almost certain to fail. You cannot force countries like Greece and Spain to change their way of life, culture and socio-economic outlook to become German, even if you try forcing it upon them with harsh austerity. They will just simply revolt and start hating Germany and Europe as a whole, as is the case. The Germans have a much different outlook when it comes to a work/life balance, have a different culture and this leads to a massive imbalance in the entire region. An imbalance leads to instability which is not good at all. Do you think Germany's economy would continue to do so well if they started taking siestas? Obviously not. Do you think tax receipts in Denmark would be so high if they started doing more cash in hand work like the Italians? Don't be so daft.

    Even the USA, which is more culturally and socio-economically aligned than the European countries has had to devolve certain powers to the state due to changes in ways of life. People in Texas live a very different life to those in New York. People in Silicon Valley live in their own bubble which varies massively when compared to those living in New Orleans. However, the idiots in the EU Commission want to still go through with their warped and disturbing ideology even if it means that millions of people end up dying as a result of their actions, because those people will then be replaced by a new people who will identify as Europeans. Its the watering down effect but thankfully, its not going to work and the day the EU collapses I will rejoice happily.
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