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problems with sixth form application! need desperate help!!!!

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    I had the same problem as you did! I chose to go to college, a 30-40 minute drive out. While it was irritating at times, it was actually nice to get away from school and start fresh. It was also nice being able to study what I wanted to study. If you're set on business, try and find a way to do it. If the college offers it, apply for it. Even if you apply and go to interview etc, you still have no commitment. You can apply to more than one place and you'll just enrol where you want to study next year. It sounds like you really want to be able to do business, so definitely look into whether it's on at the college. As for the transport costs, there are schemes available to help you with that. Because it would be the closest place offering the course, if you have a low enough income you'll be able to get some help. The financial services team at college will be able to help you look into that

    (Original post by Grace40)
    I am a student in Cornwall and applied to my school's sixth form. I found out yestrday that because the sixth form is only small (90 students) they are not running the bjsiness studies a level course because i am the only person who picked it and the business teacher at my school js in demand around other areas of the school also. I also cannot do biology as it clashes with geography on the timetable as tne timetable is made once everyone has picked their options so what others pick basically determines what i do. I can now only do chemistry and geography from my original options and have to pick another subjecf or 2. I then asked if i could do sociology but the answer was "no" because it would clash with geography again.... i have been left to pick out of subjects that i hate such as maths physics english literature photography art and the languages. I didnt do languages at gcse and am not arty or creative. I am a bright student with straight A* mock results at christmas time but am nkw considering going to the main college about 30 minutes away when tne sixth form is literally across tne road!!! I could probably do the options i want there but the only problem is transport. It means i would have extremely early mornings and late nights and the bus pass costs £500 which we cannot afford. I have been advised by my teachers to look around college and they said that the school would be shocked to see me go and i will be missed. I am just confused. The options are very limited at my sixth form but i should compromise on my education. Im sick of other peoples' options determining what i can and cant do. This was what exactly happened when i picked my gcse options. I only have a month now to make up my mind. College or sixth form???!!!!! I really need help and would appreciate it if anyone could take the time to help me as i found out this devestating news yesterday. I literally cried my eyes out when i was told that the business course was not running. Someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😢
    I would apply to the college. There is no point doing courses that don't appeal to you and don't get you to where you want to be. Have a look around and decide if you would be happy there. Think carefully whether a larger, more anonymous college environment will suit you. Also consider how easily you make new friends. Moving will be a challenge but could actually be a very positive thing for you.
    If money is an issue, look for part time work or a temporary summer job and save to help out the family finances.

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    Is there any income based support available for you- there may be a hardship fund? (At the collage)
    If not;
    If you are not going to study maths to A Level physics will be too hard (I would consider maths though- it is very well respected)
    You could consider doing Biology opposed to geography- it would be good in combination with chemistry
    If you did drop the geo and do biology, chemistry and maths you would not need a 4th a level
    What do you actualy want to do after sixform?
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Updated: July 1, 2016
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