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What can we do to stop Brexit?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by drogon)
    Lol im not even going to bother with the "its a good result" bit. "EU bureaucracy" guess we should leave the UK too then eh?

    Under the basis of a low turnout and the fact that so many were unaware, alongside the deceitful leave campaign, i think theyre all valid reasons for another referendum. No, there wont be another third referendum since it would become the populist view (already is)

    Ironically you've shot yourself in the foot, you havent even considered the possibility that leave could win which makes me believe that even you can see that the country is with the remain side making you the undemocratic one
    1: You can stamp your feet and cry but and considering this is a debate forum, without an argument I can only assume that you tacitly agree leaving the EU is a good result, so please, continue not responding.

    2: There was an extraordinarily high turn-out, higher than our last FIVE general elections.

    3: You talk about leave dishonesty, but lets see some of the remain camp claims which were proven lies:
    a: Talks with Turkey about joining the EU are not imminent (A Turkish poll says up to 12m Turks would consider immigrating to England if allowed in). Yes they are and they are opening this week.
    b: Brexit would spark a trade war with tarrifs imposed on British goods. Rubbished by the Germans this week.
    c: After Brexit, immigrants would be forced to leave after 6 months. Cameron tried to incite the immigrant population. This is another lie, immigrants already here will not be forced to leave.
    d: If we stay in the EU, we can renegotiate border controls. Another lie, rubbished by Juncker who said "The UK won't get border reform... they already have the maximum deal".

    There was propaganda on both sides. For your argument to be worth anything you need to show that there was more from the Brexit camp. Good luck,
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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