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We need a General Election, not another referendum.

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    I accept this referendum result (unless you're scottish or Northern Irish) and Britain, or England and Wales at least needs to depart post haste- it's a sinking ship, beset by terrorists and run by nazis after all (irony) and thus the sudden decision to adopt a leisurely pace by people like Dan Hannan is utterly unsuitable. Furthermore it appears that the Conservatives are about to propose a Norwegian option- where we have greater independence (can generally do what it wants, plus no CAP or CFP) , pay less (although not massively so) , remain in the single market but Accept free movement of people and have far less influence in the internal workings of the single market (so called Fax Democracy)

    Whilst an interesting proposal, I am pretty certain this is not what the majority of Leave Voters wanted or campaigned for and would be unpalatable to many.

    I therefore think that the conservatives need to decide a leader by August and that a GE should be held in October where parties propose what should be done to take the country forward. The winner should then invoke article 50. I suspect that 2016 will be like 2015 on speed with the SNP taking all Scottish seats and the Tories increasing their majority, and possibly a string of red ukip MPs up north. I predict a pro brexit government would carry the day, and I believe, would have very negative consequences for the future of the UK, but in the long run working out for the best, with a disunited Kingdom rejoining our European brethren, albeit sheepishly and slightly dishevelled.

    I am strongly for a United States of Europe, which Britain would be a part of but I think for now (at least the next two decades) we should be be outside, but integrate to various levels until we are ready to rejoin again, hopefully in Nigel Farages life time,

    Nigel for PM
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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