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David Cameron will eventually be regarded as the greatest PM we've had

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    Although current perceptions are that the situation is bad, eventually he will go down as being the greatest prime minister we have ever had.

    1) He gave the people a democratic choice and a voice
    2) He stood down when we chose the other option
    3) He gave us this newfound freedom to do our own deals globally

    When the UK inevitably recovers and experiences significant growth whilst the Eurozone collapses his decision to give us a referendum, when he could have quite easily went the other way and said no, will become the historic point in all of it.

    How many other PM's give the people a choice? How many other PM's give referendums on such issues and show their democratic principles? How many other PM's would have correctly stepped down when the people had spoken? Not many in today's world of self serving elites who despise us.

    When the UK moves on, David Cameron will be remembered fondly. It might take 10-25 years but sooner or later people will wake up and realise that this man gave us an opportunity and we took it. He could have easily ignored Farage's calls for a referendum but he respected the democratic process and the will of the people on such an important issue and that is something nobody can deny.

    I feel sorry with him. He was actually a pretty good PM. Half the country will hate him because it was him who called for the referendum, while the other half will hate him for being a conservative.
    I mean, he took over in 2010, when the economy was still a tad bit **** from 2008, and he took us out of the recession, that's pretty good going.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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