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Scotland leaving to Join the EU

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    (Original post by Elivercury)
    I mean at ~$40 a barrel, it isn't a surprise that costs are overtaking profits! I fully agree a volatile commodity isn't enough to base a country off.

    Personally I feel a second referendum might succeed, but I suppose we might find out one way or another. I'm currently hoping that Scotland can remain in the EU and the UK, I feel this would be the best of both worlds.
    In reality, I think the political will is heading towards a settlement with the EU that won't be incredibly disadvantageous to our interests.

    I've always disliked the EFTA/EEA model because it reduces the influence of that states outside the EU on the rules they essentially have to implement anyway. I used to be one of those cheerful liberally types who argued against the idea of a two-speed Europe with Britain in the outer ring. Unfortunately the Eurozone created that situation anyway, and our influence over the strategic direction of the EU diminished. I'm beginning to think we won't lose too much.

    I'm still very much a Remainer because I believe in the common bonds of European citizenship and uniting to promote rather than disadvantage a political project that I think has brought immense good to this continent. But in practical terms, securing access to the single market and similar other things that we can do from the outside will vastly reduce a lot of the practical impact.

    I actually suspect the Scottish people might be quite happy with that. Let's not forget even the SNP - although they've been quiet about it recently - supported considerable reforms to the EU, in some ways far greater than what Cameron proposed (such as completely withdrawing from the Common Fisheries Policy).

    (Original post by WhisperingTide)
    You can dress up a turd however you like, but it's still a turd. Also, it's democratic by definition of the word, but like thinking snake venom is just fine to inject into your eyeball because it's 'natural', that doesn't make it good.
    Well, quite.

    (Original post by Gora The Xplorer)
    Good luck when Spain vetos your membership


    Ye hurry up and sod off. Wait a min we can't join the EU? UK take us back?UK: No chance!
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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