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His ex is giving him so much attention

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    I've been with my boyfriend for nearly four months. It's my first serious relationship.

    For as long as I've had him on facebook, this one girl in particular has given him a lot of attention. She likes every picture of him, lots of his status's, link-shares, just everything really constantly. She also comments a lot with wink faces, some comments come across flirty. It's noticeable that she's giving him a lot of attention online.

    After 4 months of seeing this I gave in and asked him casually who she is. He told me they used to date and ended before we got together. I said I had noticed her on his facebook a lot, he didn't say anything about that. I told him I trust him and we've been facebook official for a few weeks too. However I was alarmed to hear one night weeks ago she 'bumped' into him at a bar, hung out with him watching my show (I wasn't aware she was there until today), and then disappeared before he spent the rest of the night with me.

    I want to ask him if they're messaging, because from bad past experiences, I've learned girls don't consistently give guys attention unless they're getting it back. And I can't help but feel she's doing this to keep his attention on her every day. I'm scared I'll come across as paranoid or crazy for asking to see his messages with her. He's trustworthy and so so lovely, I don't think he's physically cheating on me, but it's tearing me up not knowing what they're saying to each other over messages.

    As a guy who is kinda in your boyfriends position, except I'm still single, there's a good to fair chance it's equally annoying for him as it is for you.

    I'd ask him to stop the constant contact, it's disrespectful of him.

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    I wouldn't be too happy either. I think you need to sit down and talk to him.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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